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Reasons Why You Should Plant Your Spring Flowers in the Fall

As per Rebecca McMackin, gardening is less about following rules and more about obeying the rules of observation in the garden. Ms. McMackin, the head of horticulture at the 85-acre Brooklyn Bridge Park, says that includes setting objectives that will benefit both the animals in the garden and the broader ecosystem.

Homeowners are aware that the autumn season is the best time to sow grass seed, and smart vegetable gardeners are aware that beginning late-summer gardens results in a second harvest of vegetables in the fall season. Those who are prepared to put away their gardening equipment and wait until the spring to plant perennials, shrubs, and trees should reconsider. All of them are sowing their seeds right now since fall is the new spring.

Roots continue to develop until the ground freezes, allowing plants to get established well before the winter cold forces them to shut down completely. Having a head start on root development will result in a spring of strong, vigorous growth. Ideal planting time is six weeks before your region’s first severe frost, if that is possible. In the event that you are uncertain when this may occur, your local county extension agent can provide assistance.

Instead of following the usual practise of planting and transplanting in the spring, she recommends devoting almost all of that effort to the fall — and refraining from trimming back most perennials as the season draws to a close.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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