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Restrictive Order Against Anti-Abortion Group Issued by Texas Judge.

According to the Texas Tribune, a temporary restraining order against the state’s biggest anti-abortion organization was obtained on Friday. The ruling prevents the group from suing Planned Parenthood in violation of the state’s stringent abortion legislation, which took effect this week.

In accordance with Senate Bill 8, which became effective on Wednesday, private people may bring a lawsuit against anybody who performs or assists someone in getting an abortion once cardiac activity is discovered in an embryo. A successful claim may result in an award of $10,000 or more to the plaintiff.

Texas Right to Life and its affiliates are prohibited from bringing legal action against Planned Parenthood under the new legislation, according to an order issued by Travis County Circuit Judge Maya Guerra Gamble, which includes Austin.

“The fundamental issue for interim emergency relief is maintaining the status quo while courts evaluate whether plaintiffs have shown a probable entitlement to the relief requested,” Judge Gamble wrote in his ruling on Friday evening, which maintained Texas Supreme Court precedent.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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