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Romina Pourmokhtari, who is just 26 years old, has been appointed Sweden’s next Minister of the Environment

Romina Pourmokhtari, who is just 26 years old, was chosen the Climate Minister on Tuesday by Sweden’s new administration. She is the youngest person to ever run a Ministry in the country of Sweden, which is the home country of climate activist Greta Thunberg, who is only 16 years old.

The newly elected Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson, who heads a right-wing coalition that is bolstered by the far-right Sweden Democrats, was the one who made the nomination among the Cabinet Members.

Romina Pourmokhtari, who is 26 years old and was until recently the chairman of the young wing of the Liberal party, has not been known to have climate change as her primary political profile.

In the past, the young Minister has been a vocal opponent of Kristersson’s effort to more closely connect his party with the Sweden Democrats (SD).

“Without a doubt it would be Ulf Kristersson without SD. No thanks, I’ll stick with SD, Ulf Kristersson “In the year 2020, she stated in a post on Twitter.

The young lady, who was born in a family of Iranian descent in the Stockholm suburbs, inherited the climate and environment portfolio, breaking the previous record for youngest minister, which stood at 27 years old.

The climate change activist Greta Thunberg was born and raised in Sweden. She is responsible for starting a large worldwide movement that has been joined by millions of young people and has ignited a flood of discussion on the risks of climate change.

After signing an agreement with his partners and the nationalist and anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, Kristersson was able to form a coalition government in Sweden on Friday. The Sweden Democrats are opposed to immigration and have pledged their support for the government in exchange for certain policy commitments, particularly regarding immigration and crime.

Kristersson, while presenting the Cabinet, also made the announcement that a new Minister position for “civil defence” will be created since the nation is now experiencing difficulties with Russia.

The Sweden Democrats emerged as the second-largest party after the election, following only the Social Democrats, who had held the majority of political power in Sweden since the 1930s. The Sweden Democrats were the clear victors of the election.

Tensions have arisen inside the Liberal Party as a result of the enormous effect that the Sweden Democrats have had on the four-party arrangement. The Liberal Party’s support is also important to the survival of Kristersson.

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