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Russian Classical Singer Yana Mann Makes her Carnegie Hall Debut Accompanied by De La Chica

Music is the language of humanity which is also embraced as a form of amusement. It alters our emotions and gives us a fresh lease on life. People enjoy various musical genres for a variety of factors, including their mood and to escape the monotony of a hectic day. Music aids in de-stressing so that we can savor life’s little pleasures. Additionally, it broadens our minds and boosts our confidence. One such personality who grew up in a melodious ambience with fortunate access to art and music is Yana Mann, a mezzo-soprano Russian classical singer.

It is often said that those who start early in life reach their destination well in time. Yana, who is today a successful singer and songwriter, started her musical journey as a teen performing in cathedrals, museums, and concerts. Little did she know that she would make it to Carnegie Hall, New York, sharing the stage with Colombian pianist Julian De La Chica. Mann’s life story inspires us to give our dreams a shot and wait for life to unfold in beautiful ways. 

As a teenager, there came a time in Yana’s life wherein she had to make a choice after constantly juggling between her studies and theater. That was when she chose to explore the different genres of music and also learnt to record her own electronic music. Mann obtained her official education in music by studying at known institutions like the Rimsky-Korsakov Music College and the Academic Music College at the Moscow State Conservatory.

Surprisingly, Yana’s most notable works with Julian De La Chica were prepared online, at a time when the world was stuck in COVID chaos. “I got a studio at home, so I was able to send my recordings to Julian, and we would discuss it, take notes, and make changes,” says Yana. Her genre is contemporary music, and she is best known for releasing two albums, Poemas de Bar Op. 12 and Arias Florentinas Op. 15, with composer Julián De La Chica. Yana’s latest release is Mandala: VI Poems and Gowanus from her album Paisaje Nihilista.

Yana advises budding singers to explore all kinds of music and art. She suggests they never stop practicing and learning the nitty-gritty of music. According to her, one’s technique, self-belief, and patience are important when it comes to music. Yana feels that there is a need to focus on new concepts of music and develop different genres to introduce to young audiences.

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