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Russia’s Lavrov warns of ‘real’ possibility of World War III

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov said Monday that peace negotiations with Ukraine will continue, while warning there was a “serious” possibility of a World War III.

In an interview with Russian news outlets, he criticised Kyiv’s attitude to the discussions, and he went on to say: “Good will has its limitations, as do all things. But if it isn’t reciprocal, it doesn’t assist the bargaining process.

“But we are continuing to participate in conversations with the team appointed by (Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky), and these interactions will carry on.”

“He’s a terrific actor,” he remarked.

But he added: “If you observe carefully and read attentively what he says, you’ll discover a thousand discrepancies.”

Given the present circumstances, Lavrov stated the possibility of a World War III was “serious”.

“The risk is significant, it is genuine, you can’t underestimate it,” Lavrov told the Interfax news agency.

In regards to the current crisis in Ukraine, he expressed confidence that the situation will be resolved “Everything will, of course, come to a close with the signature of an agreement.

“But the limitations of this arrangement will be established by the status of the fighting that will have taken place at the time the accord becomes reality,” he continued.

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