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Storm System Brings Tornadoes and Power Outages to Texas and Louisiana

A powerful storm system has moved over Texas and Louisiana, bringing tornadoes and power disruptions to the region. The National Weather Service issued tornado warnings across several counties in both states as the storm made its way through on Thursday.

In Texas, tornadoes were reported in the cities of Houston and Galveston, causing damage to homes and businesses. The strong winds also knocked down power lines, leaving thousands without electricity. The storm caused the cancellation of numerous flights at the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth airports, and several schools and businesses closed due to the severe weather.

In Louisiana, tornadoes were reported in the cities of New Orleans and Baton Rouge, with some homes and buildings sustaining damage. Power outages were also reported in some areas, as strong winds caused trees to fall onto power lines. The Louisiana National Guard has been activated to assist with storm response efforts.

Residents in both states were advised to take shelter and stay indoors until the storm passes. Emergency management officials are urging people to have a plan in place for severe weather, including having a supply kit with food, water, and medication, as well as a way to receive weather alerts.

The storm is expected to move eastward towards Mississippi and Alabama, and the National Weather Service has issued severe thunderstorm warnings for those areas. Residents in those states should also take precautions and monitor the weather closely.

The storm system is just one of several that have impacted the southern United States in recent weeks, causing widespread damage and power outages. The National Weather Service warns that severe weather is expected to continue across the region in the coming days, and residents should be prepared for potential impacts.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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