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Taiwan claims that China is attempting to undermine its military and morale

Taipei warned on Tuesday that China is attempting to seize control of the island through wearing down its military capabilities and manipulating public opinion, in order to prevent the outbreak of a full-scale military battle that would almost certainly include the United States.

A yearly report from Taiwan’s Defense Ministry warns that Beijing is using “grey zone” methods to increase pressure on the self-governing island nation, which China claims as its own territory.

The People’s Republic of China has escalated its threats to use force against Taiwan by conducting military drills and dispatching aircraft near to the island.

When China sent 149 military aircraft southwest of Taiwan in strike group formations during the National Day weekend in early October, Taiwan was compelled to scramble aircraft and activate its air defence missile systems in response.

According to the research, this demonstrates Beijing’s efforts to weaken Taiwan’s air force via wear and tear as well as high demands placed on the country’s personnel. It said that the approach also involves cyberwarfare, propaganda, and a drive to isolate Taiwan internationally in order to compel it to accept China’s conditions without resorting to a shooting confrontation with the country.

In 1949, a civil war between China and Taiwan resulted in the separation of the two countries. However, despite the fact that the United States severed formal diplomatic ties with Taipei in 1979 in order to recognise Beijing, the United States is legally obligated to guarantee that the island can defend itself and to take any threats directed at it as issues of great concern.

When asked at a recent CNN town hall if the United States would come to Taiwan’s rescue if the country was attacked, President Joe Biden responded affirmatively, saying, “Yes, we have a commitment to do that.” Officials from the United States responded quickly to emphasise that there had been no change in the country’s policy toward Taiwan.

President Tsai Ing-wen has been advocating for the rehabilitation of Taiwan’s domestic defence sector, which includes the construction of conventionally powered submarines, despite the fact that the country depends heavily on the United States for much of its military gear.

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