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The Book Publishing Disruptor: How Roger Brooks Is Flipping The Script

In a bold move that is causing waves in the publishing industry, Roger Brooks, the innovative entrepreneur and founder of American Real Publishing Company (AR PRESS), is revolutionizing the way books are published and marketed. With a mission to provide exceptional services and empower authors, Brooks is turning the page on traditional publishing practices and paving the way for a new era of author-centric publishing.

AR PRESS, established in 2000, has quickly gained recognition for its outstanding customer service and comprehensive author services. By offering a range of editing and production services, including developmental and comprehensive editing, book cover and interior design, ISBN registration, copyright protection, and filing with The Library of Congress, AR PRESS ensures that authors receive top-notch support throughout the publishing process. What sets this publishing company apart is its commitment to granting authors complete control over their rights and royalties, giving them the freedom and financial potential that traditional publishers often restrict.

A testament to Brooks’ dedication to nurturing aspiring authors is the Bestseller Academy, where he provides mentorship and guidance to writers. Using his proprietary book-writing method, authors can complete their manuscripts in a remarkably short period, typically within ninety days or less. This unique approach has made Brooks one of the most sought-after writing coaches in the industry, enabling authors to bring their writing aspirations to fruition with efficiency and confidence.

As a writer who was frustrated with the publishing landscape, Brooks understands the challenges faced by authors, which has motivated him to rattle the industry. “Think of all of the wonderful writers and stories that never had a chance to come to life because of a stuffy industry,” he said. “We are turning the tables—simply by keeping our word, meeting deadlines, and letting our clients participate in the process. The industry has been begging for it.”

With over fifty published titles and numerous bestselling authors under its belt, AR PRESS is making a significant impact on the publishing landscape. From children’s books to memoirs and self-help to fiction, the company provides a platform for authors from various genres to share their stories and ideas with the world.

Brooks’ entrepreneurial expertise, gained from successful ventures in the fintech and customer loyalty industries, has equipped him with the knowledge and skills to effect meaningful change in the publishing industry. His commitment to making a positive impact is further demonstrated through the strategic marketing campaigns offered by AR PRESS. By leveraging effective promotional techniques, the company ensures that its authors’ books achieve the coveted title of “Bestselling Author” on platforms like Amazon, solidifying their presence and reputation in the market.

The success of American Real Publishing Company reflects Brooks’ vision and dedication to empowering authors. By offering comprehensive services that cater to their needs, AR PRESS is redefining the publishing experience. With complete control over their rights and royalties and access to high-quality publishing services, authors can now confidently embark on their publishing journey, knowing they have the support they need to succeed in a competitive market.

As the publishing landscape continues to evolve, AR PRESS remains at the forefront of industry changes. By alleviating pain points and providing a seamless and enjoyable publishing experience, Brooks is modernizing the way authors approach their writing endeavours.

“Writing a book is not an easy task,” Brooks acknowledges. “Authors deserve a celebrated publishing experience to complement their hard work, and that’s exactly what we aim to do with each and every title.”

Through his disruptive approach and commitment to innovation, Brooks is not only flipping the script on traditional publishing, but he’s also shaping the future of the industry. Aspiring authors can now take the guesswork out of what to expect, knowing that AR PRESS is dedicated to making their dreams a reality.

AR PRESS is ensuring the future of publishing is being shaped by a commitment to outstanding service, author-centricity, and the transparency of the publishing process. Realistic expectations are being set up front, so aspiring authors can confidently embrace the possibilities for their literary goals.

Brooks says the biggest compliment he’s received is seeing other independent publishers follow suit, adopting similar business strategies and practices to AR PRESS. “We can’t serve everyone, but we can raise the bar for how authors are served.”

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