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The first snowfall of the season in New York City is expected to break a record that has stood for the last fifty years

New York City has broken a record for the longest snowless season this winter, surpassing the previous record set in 1972-73. The Big Apple officially marked the extended season without measurable snowfall, which was last recorded on March 9, 2022. Other cities along I-95, such as Boston and Philadelphia, have also reported a drier and warmer than usual winter. Boston has received just over a quarter of its average snowfall during the same period.

Fox Weather Meteorologist Christopher Tate said that this winter has been unseasonably warm in New York City and the conditions have not been cold enough to support snow. However, there are early indications that the city could finally see snow next month, which is typically the snowiest month.

The lack of snow has also impacted ski resorts in the Northeast, where the peak season for skiing has been hampered by the warmer temperatures. Ski resorts have not been able to effectively make snow as it hasn’t been cold enough.

Cities up and down I-95, including Washington DC, Baltimore, and Newark, New Jersey, have also seen little to no snow this winter. Boston has received about seven inches of snowfall since November, which is well below the thirty-year average of 24 inches.

Spencer Spellman, a senior editor for On The Snow, noted that the warm temperatures have recently not been cold enough for many ski resorts to make snow. However, Baltimore and Washington typically see snowfall by mid-December, but with their southern locations, late-season snowfalls are more common.

In upstate New York, snowfall has also been unseasonably low. Syracuse, which is one of the snowiest cities in the country, has received 24 inches of snow this winter, which is three feet less than its average for this time of year. Rochester has seen a mere 15 inches, well below the 50 inches it normally sees by mid-January.

Buffalo, on the other hand, has seen record-setting snowfall this winter. The city has received over 100 inches of snow over the course of several blizzards, with more than half of that snowfall falling in a single storm last month. The city typically sees about 60 inches of snow by this time of the winter.

The southwest has also seen unusual snowfall this winter, including in Reno, Nevada, where at least 18 inches have fallen, pushing past its 30-year average of 12.2 inches. The northern Lake Tahoe area saw about 18 feet of snowfall in December, which was the most accumulation for the month in 142 years.

California has been plagued by ceaseless rain and flooding in recent weeks, but it has not yet converted into snow. In conclusion, this winter has seen unusual snowfall patterns across the country, with some cities experiencing record-breaking snowfall, while others have been left without any measurable snow.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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