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The philosophy of Donald Trump has been compared to “semi-fascism” by Joe Biden

On Thursday, US President Joe Biden used the term “semi-fascism” to characterise the right-wing populism of the Republican Party under the leadership of Donald Trump.

Biden, when addressing supporters of the Democratic Party at a reception just outside of Washington, voiced worries about the condition of democracy that are shared by many Americans in light of Trump’s effort to reverse the results of the presidential election in 2020.

The democratic candidate referred to Former President Trump’s initiative, which is known as Make America Great Again or MAGA, as a “extreme version of MAGA mentality.”

“This is not the Republican party of your father’s youth. This is a unique business opportunity, “he stated.

Biden defended his record in office soon before delivering a speech to party faithful gathering ahead of the midterm elections in November, saying “things are starting to change.” Biden’s comments came immediately before the event.

Biden acknowledged his leadership in creating unity within NATO in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and in repairing partnerships during the volatile presidency of Donald Trump.

Biden said that he had “vastly overestimated” the amount of harm that the preceding four years had done to the image of the United States of America across the globe.

Chris Matthews
Chris Matthews
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