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The Taliban administration vehicle was struck by an explosion in Kabul, injuring seven people

According to authorities, seven persons were injured when an explosion struck a bus in the Afghan capital on Wednesday morning. The vehicle was transporting personnel of the Taliban government.

“Seven people were wounded as a result of an explosion that occurred on a small bus from the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development,” said Khalid Zadran, the spokesman for Kabul’s police department. He added that the incident was triggered by a roadside mine.

There was an initial lack of clarity over who was responsible for the explosion.

In the previous months, there have been several assaults that took place in metropolitan areas. Five people who worked as medical staff for Taliban security forces were murdered one month ago when gunmen opened fire on a vehicle in western Afghanistan.

Since they assumed control of Afghanistan in 2021, the Taliban have said that their primary objective is to restore peace and stability to the country’s many conflict zones.

Despite the fact that large-scale violence has stopped ever since foreign soldiers departed more than a year ago, the United Nations has said that the security situation is becoming worse.

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