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The United States comes together across political divides to welcome Afghan refugees.

There is disagreement among the hundreds of parishioners of Desert Springs Bible Church, a vast megachurch in the northern suburbs of Phoenix, over the use of face masks, the presidential election, and what should be done about migrants crossing the border. One thing unites them, though, and that is their belief in the necessity for the United States to take in thousands more Afghan evacuees, and they are willing to share the burden of making that happen.

Over the last four years, opinion has been split on whether a nation headed by a president who has limited immigration and imposed a ban on travel from certain majority-Islamic countries welcomes or avoids people seeking a safe refuge from harm. As an alternative to Furthermore, the long-term viability of existing welcome mats is uncertain, given the fact that many people are still profoundly split on the issue of immigration.

The Republican Party is more reluctant than the Democratic Party when it comes to accepting Afghan refugees, and several conservative lawmakers have expressed concern that a hurry to restore so many refugees risks enabling extremists to get through the screening process. Is. The migrants, according to influential pundits such as Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson, would erode American culture and damage the Republican Party. According to him, the Biden administration is “inundating swing districts with immigrants they know will turn out to be loyal Democratic voters,” as he said last week.

Veterans and legislators, on the other hand, have always considered Afghans who assisted the United States as military allies, and they have long advocated for the removal of red tape that has kept them in the nation, which is constantly under danger from the Taliban. Many Americans have been inspired to join the effort by images of infants being carried over barbed-wire gates to American troops, people clinging to departing aircraft, and a fatal terrorist assault on hundreds of people gathered at the airport, eager to get out of the country.

Approximately 50,000 Afghans who have shown support for the United States government or who might be targeted by the Taliban are scheduled to enter the United States next month, federal officials said this week. However, their entry has already been completed. The remaining work in progress is determining the number of participants and the time period. According to internal government records, about half of the Afghan refugees were still being processed at military facilities, although more over 31,000 Afghans had already arrived.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
I serve as a Senior Executive Journalist of The National Era
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