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There will be “severe repercussions” for regional peace from Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Taiwan, according to Pakistan

On Wednesday, Pakistan offered its support to its all-weather ally China by stating that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s travel to Taiwan would have “severe repercussions” for the peace and stability of the area.

Pelosi arrived in Taipei on Tuesday night, despite the severe warnings that China had sent. She is the highest-ranking official from the United States to visit Taiwan in the last quarter of a century. China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs made a forceful statement after Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan, claiming that her visit is a “severe infringement of the one-China principle and the conditions of the three China-US joint communiques.” This statement was issued after Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan.

China asserts that Taiwan is an integral part of the Chinese mainland and has pledged to incorporate what it refers to as the “rebel province,” even if it means using force.

According to a statement released by Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the country “is gravely worried about the deteriorating situation in the Taiwan Strait, which has major repercussions for regional peace and stability.”

In addition to this, Pakistan reiterated its “strong commitment to the ‘One-China’ Policy’ and its unwavering support for China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

According to a statement issued by Pakistan’s Foreign Office, Pakistan has a firm conviction that inter-state relations should be predicated on mutual respect, non-interference in domestic affairs, and the peaceful settlement of conflicts by maintaining the principles of the United Nations Charter, international law, and bilateral agreements.

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