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Thousands of Afghans are now stationed on American military bases, awaiting resettlement.

Following their dramatic escape from Kabul, tens of thousands of Afghans hoping to be resettled in the United States are still stranded on military bases across the country and abroad as medical and security screenings prolong the process.

All in an effort to turn the collapse of Afghanistan into yet another opportunity to advance a hardline immigration agenda, the former officials are writing position papers, appearing on conservative television networks, and meeting privately with Republican lawmakers.

As of September 14, approximately 64,000 Afghan evacuees had arrived in the United States from their home country. Following the United States’ departure from Afghanistan last month, the overwhelming majority of Afghans were at danger under Taliban control. According to an official government document acquired by The New York Times, almost 49,000 people are now residing on eight domestic military facilities in the United States while awaiting resettlement in the country. Approximately 18,000 service members are stationed on foreign locations, the majority of which are in Germany. Some depart after a few weeks, while the majority remain for many months.

The tests, which are being conducted by a variety of government agencies, come after a hurried and rushed evacuation operation that took place last month, just before the United States concluded its departure from Afghanistan. Approximately 100 Americans who wish to leave the nation, as well as an unknown number of Afghans who are vulnerable, remain in the country.

In Afghanistan, seven instances of measles were discovered among Afghans at military outposts across the nation. According to the most recent official statistics released on September 10, only a small number of evacuees tested positive for the coronavirus. Afghan nationals who move to the United States must undergo a series of immunizations before being allowed to enter the country. These vaccines will be administered at US military facilities and will shortly be made available for use in other countries.

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