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Through and through, he is a Hall of Fame Shortstop.

Derek Jeter finally had a moment of nostalgia as he hit the winning run on his final swing. His career had spanned two decades, during which he had always been the master of the present, never pausing to consider what it all meant. However, he had just completed his last performance on his beloved stage.

As a result, Jeter paid one last visit to his favourite spot on the planet: shortstop at Yankee Stadium. He had received farewell presents at previous locations throughout the 2014 season, but all he wanted from the Bronx was a mental picture of his time there before moving on. He knelt on the grass, just beyond the edge of the soil, muttered a prayer of gratitude, and took it all in with his eyes closed.

I’ll never forget Julian Mock’s position in the room, which he said was that of the Reds’ player development director at the time, which I’ll never forget.”

Another Elderly Reds guy, Larry Burton Jr., who had been there for a long time, rose to his feet and said, “What do you think we did to Eric Davis?” Eric Davis was also a shortstop, so we placed him to middle field, and Jean Bennett said that the middle of the diamond was plenty for everyone. That is not appropriate.

A costly error for the Reds, who are still searching for their first Stanley Cup championship since 1908. During their brief professional career, they batted just.200 and have received only 17 hits from Tampa Bay Rays hitting coach Mottra. Meanwhile, Jeter led the Yankees with 3,465 hits while hitting.310 and starting 2,660 games, which is the most by a shortstop in the history of the game.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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