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Two missile tests are conducted by North Korea, making this the third launch in a week

According to the South Korean military, North Korea conducted its third missile test this week on Thursday by launching two short-range ballistic missiles off of its east coast. This occurred at the same time that Vice President Kamala Harris issued a warning to the country about its “destabilising” weapons activities.

South Korean military authorities have said that they are now conducting an analysis of the data obtained from the North Korean test in order to assist in determining the kind of missile that was fired by North Korea. Since Sunday, the North Korean government has carried out three separate missile launches. During the two tests that came before this one, a total of three ballistic missiles with a limited range were fired.

Officials in South Korea have said that they have a strong suspicion that the missiles in question were KN-23s. This is a sort of short-range ballistic missile that is able to manoeuvre while it is in flight, making it more difficult to intercept.

The leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, has ordered his country’s military to develop “nuclear weapons smaller, lighter, and tactical” in order to target South Korea, Japan, and the American military bases that are located in those two countries. The KN-23 is one of a series of new missiles that the North Korean military has been testing over the past few years.

The three nuclear tests that North Korea carried out this week took place as South Korea and the United States were in the midst of carrying out a combined naval exercise off the east coast of the Korean Peninsula, which came to a close on Thursday. During their meeting in May, Vice President Biden and President Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea came to the conclusion that expanding their joint military exercises was the best way to show their unified deterrent against the rising nuclear and missile threat posed by North Korea.

The North considers these kind of military drills to be dress rehearsals for an invasion, and it has often responded to these types of exercises by conducting weapons tests.

The check was performed on Thursday, only a few hours after Ms. Harris and Mr. Yoon had a meeting in Seoul to discuss the economic and military links that exist between the allies.

Requests for comment on the launch conducted by North Korea were not immediately responded to by a representative for Ms. Harris.

Ms. Harris told The New York Times on Wednesday, the same day that North Korea fired two ballistic missiles into the waters off of its east coast, that her message for Mr. Kim was that “we believe that his recent activity has been destabilising and in many ways provocative” and that “we stand with our allies.”

The next day, as she was touring the Demilitarized Zone that divided the two Koreas, she was questioned about the recent test launches that had taken place.

“It is quite obvious that this is a provocation, and we feel that its purpose is to destabilise the area. “And everyone else should take it as seriously as we are,” she continued. “And we are.”

After some time had passed, Ms. Harris said that North Korea was ruled by a “brutal dictatorship.”

Ms. Harris said that the United States of America and the Republic of Korea are working toward the same objective, which is the total denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

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