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Unveiling Luxury: The Social Media Leather Dissector

In the vast realm of social media, one creator has carved out a unique niche, drawing attention by disassembling high-end leather goods and unraveling the mysteries behind their exorbitant price tags. Meet Tanner Leatherstein, or Volkan Yilmaz, the man behind the lens, wielding a switchblade and an insatiable curiosity about the inner workings of luxury items.

With over 950,000 followers on TikTok and a substantial presence on YouTube and Instagram, Leatherstein has become a sensation, captivating audiences with his unorthodox approach to revealing the true essence of designer leather products. His mission: to showcase the quality of materials and craftsmanship while demystifying the extravagant costs associated with these luxury brands.

Born into a family with a tannery in Turkey, Yilmaz’s journey into the leather business began at a young age. By 11, he had crafted his first leather jacket from five sheepskins. His relentless passion led him to work in various facets of the leather industry, from tanneries in Istanbul to delving into leather imports and exports in China and Turkmenistan.

Yilmaz’s path eventually led him to the United States after winning the green card lottery in 2009. While pursuing an MBA in Chicago, he found himself discontented as a management consultant. Fueled by his enduring love for leather, Yilmaz founded his own leather brand, Pegai, teaching himself design through online resources while juggling multiple jobs to make ends meet. In 2019, once Pegai was established, he relocated to Dallas.

The inception of his social media content was a response to inquiries from friends seeking his expertise on their leather purchases. Recognizing a knowledge gap regarding leather sourcing and skepticism about luxury markups, Yilmaz began creating videos to address these questions. The unexpected virality of his content propelled him into the limelight, making him a prominent figure in the world of leather critique.

While Yilmaz examines various luxury items, he is particularly known for his unique approach to bags, slicing through them to expose their inner secrets. His goal is to debunk the notion that price equates to superior materials, emphasizing that often the exorbitant costs are tied to the status associated with a label rather than the intrinsic value of the leather.

From dissecting Louis Vuitton briefcases to dissecting Chanel wallets, Yilmaz meticulously scrutinizes leather quality, tanning processes, and craftsmanship. Using acetone to remove finishes and burning leather to assess tanning methods, he offers his audience a behind-the-scenes look at the brands’ claims and the reality hidden within their products.

With an audience exceeding two million followers across platforms, Yilmaz attracts a diverse demographic. Some harbor a disdain for luxury brands, viewing their pricing as a scam, while others revel in the entertainment value of watching expensive items meet their demise. Yet, a significant portion of his audience seeks a deeper understanding of luxury, wanting to assess their purchases with informed eyes.

When asked about brands worth the investment, Yilmaz highlights Bottega Veneta for its incredible leathers, despite occasionally uncovering discrepancies between advertised and actual quality. He also commends Scottish label Strathberry for offering quality on par with renowned brands at a fraction of the cost. Polene and Coach find favor in the mid-price range, according to Yilmaz.

Despite the shock factor embedded in his content, Yilmaz does not express positive surprise, emphasizing that the significant expenditure justifies an expectation of excellence. While some brands have become aware of his work, Yilmaz remains fiercely independent, eschewing free items or advertising opportunities to preserve his audience’s trust.

As the holiday season sees the exchange of leather goods, Yilmaz offers practical advice. He urges consumers to trust their senses—feel, smell, and look at the leather. A plasticky feel is a red flag, and quality leather should emit a pleasant, slightly earthy aroma. Variations in grain and fiber structure denote natural, untreated leather, whereas an excessive finish may indicate lower quality hides.

In the realm of Tanner Leatherstein, luxury meets scrutiny, and the dissected remnants of designer items reveal more than meets the eye. Through his unconventional lens, Yilmaz continues to unravel the intricacies of the leather world, providing his audience with a discerning perspective on luxury consumption.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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