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Upstate motels are making a comeback, with the goal of capturing the public’s attention.

Dana Bowen and her husband, Lindsay Bowen, both 49, were originally interested in purchasing a spacious outpost away from New York City that could also be used as a holiday rental for their children. Currently, the couple lives in a Brooklyn apartment and a small house in the quaint village of Athens, in Greene County, and they are constantly scouring Catskill and Hudson Valley property listings in search of “the one,” something large enough to host family and friends while also being able to rent out the space when not in use.

As in other areas of the globe, social distance was not on their radar until the advent of Covid-19, when the pandemic’s rules for human contact became a new real quiet mandate. These procedures have prompted Bowens to consider purchasing a hotel in the northern United States instead. They weren’t the only ones there.

Roadside hotels and bungalow colonies were plainly evident across the region, but there are two opportunities for the area to become a tourist attraction. They are now equipped for guests who are eager to meet new people, but they are modest in terms of their furnishings and amenities.

Single rooms and whole bungalows are available for rent as well. Alternatively, if you want, you may make use of the whole property. For tourists who want to spend longer than a weekend in the nation, there is a new level of attentive treatment available to them. And for those interested in getting their feet wet in the world of local hospitality, several of these hotels, both historic and newly renovated, are now on the market and seeking for new owners.

Future plans for Starlight include foraging classes for the region’s rich edible mushrooms and plants, essential oil mixing courses, and possibly opera performances from the upper balcony. The art is also visible in the outside area, which is a plus.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
I serve as a Senior Executive Journalist of The National Era
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