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Utilize the Zucchini Slice to Your Advantage When You Have an Abundance of Summer Squash

If the term “zucchini slice” makes you think of a round of the raw vegetable served with an onion dip, it’s only because you haven’t been to either Australia or New Zealand.

There, a slice of zucchini is a whole other thing. It’s like a mix between a frittata and a savoury quick bread, and it’s cooked until it’s hard enough to slice and eat out of hand. It’s a favourite lunchbox staple or café snack, and it’s like a cross between the two. It is the ideal thing to do with an overabundance of summer zucchini since it is cheesy, eggy, and jam-packed with veggies. This is particularly true if the idea of making yet another batch of grilled zucchini or baking another loaf of zucchini bread makes you feel even the slightest bit fatigued.

His version of the dish, which has been featured in several culinary and women’s publications over the years, differs in that it does not include any meat and has a more vibrant and intricate flavour profile.

Mr. Volger said that there wasn’t much of a difference between the various zucchini slice recipes. Because it contains a large number of eggs, cheese, and bacon, it has a high calorie count.

In his effort to make the traditional recipe healthier, he omitted the bacon and substituted a blend of olives and pickled peppers for it. This resulted in a bite that was very salty. The slices were given a sense of freshness and a lovely speckling of green after having a half a cup of chopped herbs stirred into the mixture. And lastly, using leeks in place of the customary chopped onions and first sautéing the leeks gives the dish a sweeter taste while also making the slices neater and reducing the amount of moisture they absorb.

According to Mr. Volger, there is no need to limit yourself to using just zucchini in the recipe. You are possible to replace up to half of the zucchini in a recipe with other vegetables, such as shredded carrots or beets, or leftover cooked broccoli, cauliflower, eggplant, greens, or mushrooms, without altering the fundamental character of the dish. The fact that it may be served either hot, warm, or at room temperature is an added bonus. Alternately, you might prepare it a day or two in advance, place it in an airtight container in the refrigerator, and then let it to come to room temperature before serving so that the consistency is elastic and soft.

In Australia, the term “slices” may refer to a variety of different types of desserts, from simple to elaborate. According to Mr. Volger, “there are brownie slices and coffee cake slices, it seems like anything can be transformed into a slice in Australia,” and he is quite correct.

However, if you’re looking for a dish that’s not only simple but also full of vegetables, Mr. Volger’s delectable zucchini variation is the way to go.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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