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VMware, a cloud computing company, is the subject of acquisition talks between Broadcom

According to a source with knowledge of the situation, the massive semiconductor company Broadcom is reportedly in discussions to purchase VMware.

According to the individual who was speaking about the arrangement on Sunday night, who was not allowed to discuss it in public, the agreement is not yet complete. The discussions were initially reported by Bloomberg.

Broadcom has a long history of aggressively pursuing mergers and acquisitions, and Hock E. Tan, the company’s chief executive, is well-known for his ability to negotiate business agreements. In the beginning, the chip firm focused mostly on acquiring other semiconductor companies. Its previous headquarters were located in Singapore, but it has since relocated to San Jose, California. Broadcom has subsequently broadened its objectives in response to President Donald J. Trump’s decision in March 2018 to reject its $117 billion proposal to acquire the American chip manufacturer Qualcomm on the grounds that it posed a threat to national security. Later that year, it paid $18.9 billion for the acquisition of the software firm CA Technologies, and in 2019, it paid $10.7 billion for the purchase of a security section of Symantec.

Virtualization software, which is made by VMware, a company that was separated from Dell Technologies in November of last year, is recognised for its ability to make computers more effective by allowing a single computer to perform the functions of several workstations. Additionally, it has branched out and now produces a variety of software for data centres.

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Jonathan James
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