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Walmart Settles Class-Action Lawsuit Over Alleged Overcharging on Weighted Grocery Items

A $45 million settlement has been reached by retail giant Walmart to resolve a class-action lawsuit, potentially allowing some customers to claim up to $500 each, as disclosed by a settlement administrator’s website.

The lawsuit, filed on October 19, 2022, alleged that Walmart had overcharged shoppers for certain weighted grocery items, such as poultry, pork, and bagged citrus, leading to claims of “unfair and deceptive business practices.” Court documents state that these practices resulted in customers paying higher costs than advertised.

Among the accusations leveled against Walmart were claims of falsely inflating product weight, mislabeling products, and overcharging for clearance items sold by weight. While Walmart has denied these allegations, it has opted to settle the lawsuit, with a company spokeswoman stating that the settlement is deemed beneficial for both parties involved.

According to the lawsuit, Walmart was accused of overcharging customers for various items. Instances were reported where prices for weighted products, including meat and seafood, differed between item labels and shelf tags, resulting in customers being charged the higher prices at checkout.

Moreover, discrepancies were noted in the labeling of bagged citrus products, such as navel oranges and grapefruit, where the labeled weight was lower than what was indicated on shelf tags. Customers allegedly ended up paying for a higher weight than the actual product they purchased.

The lawsuit also mentioned instances where weighted goods nearing expiration were displayed with a lower price than what was recorded at the register.

Customers who shopped at Walmart retail locations in the United States and Puerto Rico between October 19, 2018, and January 19, 2024, and purchased the implicated weighted goods or bagged citrus, are eligible to apply for a settlement payment. They can do so either through the administrator’s website or by mail.

To apply, individuals must fill out an online form on the administrator’s website or download a printable form to mail. The form requires claimants to provide contact information, details of the purchased items, and select a payment option. Additionally, claimants have the option to upload receipts as proof of purchase.

The amount claimants may receive varies depending on whether they can provide proof of purchase. With documentation, shoppers can claim up to 2 percent of the total amount they paid for the weighted goods and bagged citrus, with a maximum cap of $500.

For those unable to provide documentation, a smaller payment is still possible, ranging between $10 and $25 based on the number of relevant items purchased.

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