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What Does Our Choice of Brands in Clothing Reveal About Us?

Milan Fashion Week kicked off in full swing with designers and fashion enthusiasts flocking to the Italian city to showcase the latest trends for the upcoming season. However, as much as the attention is on the runway, the streets outside the shows serve as a platform for its own kind of fashion spectacle.

One trend that stood out at Milan Fashion Week was the prevalence of guests wearing pieces from the brand’s latest collections. This practice is not new, but in Milan, it seemed more noticeable than ever, and it offers a fascinating insight into the relationship between the clothes seen on the runway and the clothes worn on the street.

At Max Mara, the attendees’ elegant overcoats and tonal separates were reminiscent of the refined basics that the brand is known for. The show’s collection reflected this theme, with classic and understated designs in muted tones. It seems that there is an insatiable appetite for these types of refined pieces, and Max Mara is delivering just that.

Similarly, at Gucci, guests wearing shiny suits echoed the whimsy that former creative director Alessandro Michele had brought to the label. Gucci’s current collection still holds on to the playfulness and quirkiness that the brand has become known for, while still managing to feel fresh and innovative.

But perhaps the most exciting show in terms of comparing looks from the crowd to those on the runway was Diesel. Under the helm of designer Glenn Martens, the brand has found new relevance, and as a result, has attracted a whole new generation of fans. The guests outside the show were adorned in bold, edgy pieces that spoke to Diesel’s streetwear roots. The runway collection followed suit, with unexpected shapes and silhouettes that pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion.

While the clothes on the runway are what ultimately sets the tone for the season, the outfits worn by attendees outside the shows can offer a different kind of inspiration. These are the clothes that people are wearing in their everyday lives, and it’s exciting to see how fashion evolves and trickles down from the runway to the street and back again.

Overall, Milan Fashion Week proved to be a showcase of fashion’s past, present, and future, with brands like Max Mara and Gucci catering to classic and playful sensibilities, respectively, and Diesel pushing the envelope with its bold designs. The looks worn by attendees only served to enhance the fashion spectacle, reminding us that fashion is not just about what’s on the runway, but how we choose to interpret and wear it in our own lives.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
I serve as a Senior Executive Journalist of The National Era
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