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What Is the Reason behind Everyone’s Brunette Transformation?

Other celebs, such as Hailey Bieber, Billie Eilish, Florence Pugh, Dove Cameron, and Gigi Hadid, have been experimenting with deeper and darker manes in recent months. On TikTok, blond hair was referred to as “cheugy,” a neologism developed by Generation Z to describe a person with blond hair. People who want to become brunettes seem to be in great numbers, it would appear to be.

This new take on darker, more lustrous hair seems to have been influenced in part by the need for change that arose in the aftermath of the epidemic, when many individuals were able to accept their natural colour in a positive manner, according to some reports.

According to Sharon Dorram, colorist at Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger on the Upper East Side, “there has certainly been a shift in mindset as I watch customers convert to deeper, more luxury tones.” “Because blonde tints tend to evoke a more enigmatic atmosphere, complete changes by blondes have become quite popular.” Similar like putting on another person’s personality,” says the author.

Others have requested that their hue be infused with a tinge of warmth as we go into the colder months of the season. That is not revolutionary, but it seems to be accompanied by a different emotion today than it was before.

“I’ve been getting a lot of requests for brown hues that have been warmed up,” colorist Aura Friedman remarked. “I believe this is due to the fact that brunette has the ability to be transformative on the front end while being minimal maintenance in the long run. Those who are seeing others have this moment of brunette hair strength are inspired to have their own moment of empowerment.”

As a result of her experience, Ms. Friedman, who recently transformed the model Kendall Visser from baby blond to a dramatic brown, has come to see New York, where she works at the Suite Caroline salon in SoHo, as the birthplace of cool tones. However, she believes that moving to “warming, feel-good hues” might provide comfort during these difficult times.

Another reason why brunettes are popular right now might be because Gen Z is concerned about their hair’s health. “Gen Z is becoming more conscious of their health and the need of maintaining a healthy lifestyle,” said Franck Izquierdo, the creator of the IGK salons in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. Being behind the chair in my salons every day allows me to hear what my customers have to say, and many also believe that becoming brunette gives them more power and strength.”

This year’s brunette hues are deeper, fuller, and more complex than those seen in previous years. One example is the surge in popularity of colours that are in the middle of the spectrum between blonde and brown.

The singer Hayley Kiyoko’s hair was transformed by the Los Angeles colorist Daniel Moon from a brilliant blond to a sandy gingerbread tone. The chemical treatments offer your hair a vacation from years of bleaching and keep you near to blond until it’s time to transition back out of your brunette phase.”

In other parts of the world, sable tones are springing to life. “Rich sable brown, which is a single tone throughout, is really sumptuous right now,” Ms. Dorram said. “The current aesthetic is a high-gloss, almost lacquered finish,” says the designer. She anticipates that high lustre, “rich-looking” hair will continue to be popular in 2022, but that it will be softer and a few shades lighter — “closer toward the oak family,” she said. ”

If you want to go to the dark side, Mr. Moon suggests that you ask your colorist to start with a light colour and progressively darken it. According to him, “exploring different shades of brown may be fun.” “Some people believe it’s blond or dark chocolate in colour….” This is not the case. Take your time when choosing a hue, and experiment with test strands to determine the porosity of your hair.”

“You may want to go black right away,” he said, “but it might be overwhelming to make such a significant adjustment.” It is my opinion that using gingerbread tones allows you to experiment with depth without committing or putting yourself in danger of a colour correction.”

When bringing in inspiration photographs, Ms. Friedman advises being flexible and open-minded about minor adjustments that may need to made on the fly. “I seek for the appropriate brunette by considering her skin tone, eye colour, and brow colour,” she said.

Another advantage of being a brunette is that, of all the hair hues, brown is the one that requires the least amount of care. Blondes need rapid root touch-ups and toners on a regular basis; red hair is particularly tough to keep looking good.

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
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