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Who Decided Which Celebrities Would Become Creative Directors?

It’s becoming more difficult to keep up with the celebrity titles. A new creative director, partner, or officer of some kind seems to be appointed on a weekly basis, it seems.

Recent announcements from Playboy include the addition of rapper Cardi B, who has been named as the company’s first creative director in residence. (“Whipshots,” a vodka-infused whipped cream that was debuted in early December, is also a collaboration between her and her husband.)

Once upon a time, well-known persons agreed to serve as “faces” or “spokespeople” for various companies. With the growth of social media marketing came an influx of “ambassadors,” who were paid to promote products or services. Previously reserved for the presidents of fashion businesses or the creative directors of advertising agencies, a corporate title that was once reserved for actresses, singers, and models is now being appended to the résumés of celebrities.

People were so used to seeing the names that when Pete Davidson, the extremely dateable comedian, and HoYeon Jung, a star of the Netflix series “Squid Game,” took over Calvin Klein’s Instagram account this week, many believed an announcement about their roles was going to be made.

Professor Susan Douglas of communication and media at the University of Michigan said that when one is the face of anything or a brand ambassador, one is representing the company or business in question. “It doesn’t imply any special aptitude or contribution.” However, the title of “creative director” implies that you possess a set of executive or creative abilities. It enhances your brand’s reputation as more than simply a lovely face.”

A validation mechanism that works in both directions. In the eyes of the public, the celebrity becomes a stand-in for the brand, whose characteristics mimic or amplify those we connect with the star.

Dr. McDonnell said that in the instance of Cardi B and Playboy, “her personal brand is on liberated sexuality.” “She’s a female entering an area that has traditionally and by definition been dominated by men.”

It is unclear to what degree these new positions are just a matter of prestige. Some celebs will almost certainly be more engaged than others.

Ms. Johnson joined Maude as a “investor-advisor,” according to Eva Goicochea, the business’s founder and CEO. Maude is a sexual health and wellness organisation. A collaboration with the Museum of Sex is in the works for a project that will be completed next spring.

Ms. Goicochea said that she had no intention of working with somebody who was well-known in the past. “A lot of people believe it’s like Midas,” she remarked, alluding to the legendary monarch who transformed everything he came into contact with into gold.

For starters, she said, celebrities are individuals who may say anything inappropriate while representing the organisation. However, there is a danger that the brand may grow to revolve on a single individual. In the end, Ms. Goicochea said, “it begins to become about them and less about the issue.”

Her advise to any company considering courting a celebrity or being courted by one is to be yourself. Ensure that the individual has undergone a comprehensive background check. It’s true that keeping a favourable and unique public image — both as an individual and as a business — is becoming more crucial.

In Dr. Douglas’ words, “there is a war for visibility.” “Can you tell me what the most scarce resource is?” People’s attention has been captured. You must keep your name in front of people at all times, or else they will forget about you.”

Jonathan James
Jonathan James
I serve as a Senior Executive Journalist of The National Era
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