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You’re invited to our wedding. Please provide us your vaccination status.

For along time, requesting that wedding guests leave their children at home was one of the most difficult requests a couple could make.

Covid precautions are now being used to make wedding invitations more responsive to the recipients’ needs.

A nicely written letter informing guests that they must get vaccinated, take a Covid test, or do both is tucked inside embossed envelopes that contain meal options and directions to the reception, according to wedding planners.

According to The Knot, a wedding planning website, a poll of 1,400 couples was conducted last month, and 22 percent indicated they required guests to be vaccinated. According to Lauren Kay, executive editor of The Knot, just 3 percent of couples polled in the spring indicated they would make vaccines a condition for their marriage.

As per wedding planners, many couples are setting up mobile testing sites the day before their weddings, informing guests that they will be required to wear masks throughout the reception, and providing color-coded bracelets that indicate which guests are fine with hugging and which guests prefer to keep their distance.

Many establishments have put up “satellite bars” to alleviate the need for customers to stand close together in lengthy queues for beverages. Ms. Kay said that in order to prevent overcrowding on the dance floor, they are offering entertainment at the tables, such as Tarot card readers, magicians, and even aerialists.

The desire to create a safer atmosphere at weddings has also resulted in an increase in demand for services from private Covid testing firms, who often charge exorbitant prices.

Dan O'Brien
Dan O'Brien
I am a journalist for The National Era with an emphasis in sports.
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