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YouTube Gossip Channel Reveals Its Long-Hidden Secret

Spill Sesh, a prominent YouTube channel specializing in coverage of social media stars, recently unveiled the identity of its enigmatic creator. For the past five years, the channel has amassed over 700,000 subscribers, all while concealing the identity of the person behind it. Known for providing detailed commentary on the latest social media scandals and disputes, the channel’s host remained anonymous and used a voice-altering filter.

The mystery was solved when the person behind Spill Sesh, Kristi Cook, decided to reveal her identity in a new video. In an interview with The New York Times, Cook explained that she initially concealed her identity to maintain creative freedom. Now, as a self-employed content creator who owns a home in Los Angeles, she no longer sees the need to remain anonymous.

Kristi Cook, 26, developed her interest in pop culture during her formative years, particularly during her “Disney Channel era.” Her fascination with online content, especially YouTube, led her to contribute to USA Today during her freshman year at Florida Atlantic University. Subsequently, she moved to California, worked as a tour guide on the Warner Bros. lot, and secured an internship at TMZ, eventually becoming a full-time employee.

During her time at TMZ, Cook was responsible for creating photo galleries and monitoring Instagram daily. In 2018, she stumbled upon the world of drama commentary on YouTube, where hosts recapped the activities of YouTubers with significant followings. Cook was intrigued by the fact that people were interested in YouTuber news, which she believed was not well-covered by mainstream media.

Motivated by her newfound interest, Cook created her own drama channel, Spill Sesh, where she adeptly summarized content from various online platforms for her audience eager to stay updated on creators like Colleen Ballinger, Jeffree Star, or the Try Guys. Over time, Cook’s videos collectively garnered more than 350 million views.

According to Jamie Cohen, an assistant professor of media studies at Queens College, channels like Spill Sesh engage viewers by diving into the dramatic aspects of YouTube content that often go overlooked. Cook’s anonymity, however, became a challenge as her channel gained popularity.

People started speculating about her identity, and someone managed to uncover her real name through an old Instagram handle. This discovery was a turning point, leading Cook to scrub her personal information from the internet and protect her privacy.

With her channel’s continued success, Cook now earns a substantial income from ads and sponsorships, averaging around $20,000 per month from YouTube ads alone. In the best months, her earnings can reach as high as $50,000.

Having disclosed her YouTube career to her family and close friends, Cook eventually left TMZ and purchased a house, a feat she attributes to her YouTube success. Although she primarily covers a niche overlooked by major news outlets, she considers herself a journalist and is committed to providing accurate information to her viewers.

Recently, Cook decided to reveal her true identity in a video alongside Manny Gutierrez, a YouTube makeup artist who was the subject of her first Spill Sesh video. In the video, Cook undergoes a makeover by Gutierrez and addresses her viewers in her own, unaltered voice, finally revealing herself as Kristi Cook.

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