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Zelensky wants for more economic sanctions on Russia, which he describes as a “terrorist state”

A short time after pleading with the United States Congress to send arms, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky used his nightly videotaped address to his country to call for more and tougher economic sanctions against Russia because the current batch had failed to stop the conflict, which is now in its third week.

In the words of Mr. Zelensky, “the Russian economy is still capable of supporting their military apparatus.” In this context, more sanctions on Russia are required. In order for the world to eventually acknowledge Russia as a terrorist state, it must be formally recognised.”

Furthermore, Mr. Zelensky said that the previously agreed-upon “humanitarian corridors” designed to enable people to flee besieged towns and supplies to enter did not function on Wednesday because “the Russian military did not cease shelling” and “did not provide security.” Despite this, he said that more than 6,000 people of Mariupol, a port city encircled by Russian soldiers, were evacuated, with more than 2,000 children among them.

The Russian army has advanced into Ukraine since its invasion on February 24 but has been unable to conquer the country’s capital, Kyiv, or any of the country’s major cities. Civilian escape routes, densely populated residential areas, schools, hospitals, and even a Mariupol theatre that was being utilised as a bomb shelter have been targeted by Russian artillery, missiles, and bombers.

In recent months, the United States, Europe and other international leaders have slammed the Russian economy with a slew of sanctions that have specifically targeted Russian billionaires’ assets. Further isolating Mr. Putin’s economy are foreign banks, technology companies, and retail chains that have stated they would cease doing business with Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Zelensky has slammed the siege of Mariupol, comparing it to the terrible Nazi blockade of Leningrad during World War II. “A large bomb was deliberately thrown on the Drama Theater in the city centre by a Russian aircraft,” he said. The bombardment was causing hundreds of residents to flee their homes. The structure had been demolished completely. “It is not known how many people have died.

The young Russian troops who had been enlisted and “thrown into the fire of this conflict” also received an ominous warning from Mr. Zelensky. As a return for “a chance to live,” he requested that they lay down their weapons.

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