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Zelenskyy calls Russia’s aggression against Europe a “overt gas war”

On Monday, the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, issued a statement condemning what he called Russia’s “overt gas war” against Europe and urging European nations to increase their sanctions on the country.

This is despite the fact that Russia has already made the concession.” According to what Zelenskyy stated in his nightly talk, all of this is done on purpose by Russia in order to make it as difficult as possible for Europeans to be ready for winter.

This is an open gas war that Russia is fighting against a unified Europe, and this is precisely how it should be understood, he continued. “This is exactly how it should be perceived,” he said.

Gazprom, a state-owned energy company in Russia, has stated that beginning on Wednesday, it would reduce the amount of natural gas it ships to Europe each day via the Nord Stream pipeline to 33 million cubic metres per day.

It is important to emphasise that Europe is highly reliant on the energy resources that are available in Russia.

The declaration made by Gazprom came after Russia resumed essential gas shipments to Europe via Germany through Nord Stream following a maintenance period of ten days, however the pipeline is only operating at forty percent of its capacity.

“Today, we learned of more gas dangers facing Europe… In response to Gazprom’s declaration that it would further reduce the amount of gas it exports to Europe, Zelenskyy described the situation as “an open gas war that Russia is conducting against a unified Europe.”

In addition, the West had accused Moscow of using energy as a weapon in revenge for the sanctions that were implemented after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. This accusation was made in response to the penalties that were implemented.

Zelenskyy continued by stating that the most recent measure taken by Moscow was a part of a larger spectrum of activities that he referred to as “forms of terror.”

According to Zelenskyy, “they don’t care what will happen to the people or how they will suffer,” whether it is from starvation brought on by the closing of ports, or from the bitter winter cold and poverty, or from the occupation. “These are basically various kinds of terrifying situations.

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